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California Death Penalty Appeals Attorney

Death Penalty Appeals

In my 25+ years as a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, I have developed unique expertise in the appeals process. When you believe your previous lawyer lacked the skills or experience to properly defend you in court, an appeal is the way to challenge an unjust or unfair verdict.

Waging War Against the Death Penalty

I have successfully represented clients in a variety of appeals cases, at all levels of the State and Federal courts. But one thing that sets me apart from other criminal defense lawyers, and even from other criminal law specialists, is that I am able to represent clients facing the death penalty.

Because the death penalty is the most severe sentence a person can receive, only very few attorneys are allowed by the California Supreme Court to represent such individuals. After I passed the exam to become a criminal law specialist, I applied and was accepted to join this elite group of attorneys, who really are the best of the best.

By studying past results of appellate courts, and through in-depth investigation and preparation, I am able to devise strategies that maximize my client’s chance of successfully appealing a conviction. An attorney without my years of appellate experience may raise the right issue, but not frame it into a winning argument. This is a gift which cannot be taught; it has to be learned. In fact, other attorneys frequently come to me for help with their appeals cases, including high-profile death penalty cases. I show them how to present the issues in the most compelling way, and thereby turn a losing case into a winning case.

Make Sure You Win the Second Time Around

The appeals process is an opportunity to get a better verdict, and you do that by having an attorney whose experience with appeals cases has led to positive results, to having verdicts overturned, or having sentences reduced. I have done very well for my clients and my track record of successful results proves it.

I’ve been doing this day in and day out for my entire career. I love to fight for my clients, and I love to win for my clients. If you think the verdict you or your loved one got was unfair, I want to hear from you.

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